Your CSS Advisory Team is here to help you every step of the way. 

When you contact the CSS Pension Plan, you will likely speak to one of our Retirement and Pension Advisors, Associates or Specialists who are often your first point of contact. They will answer any questions you have regarding your pension plan or retirement options.

The Advisors can also prepare a customized retirement plan for you which includes all your sources of retirement income including your funds in the Plan, RRSPs, TFSAs, CPP and OAS, along with your spouse's sources of retirement income.

Our Advisory Team is also here to help employers with any pension and retirement wellness questions. 

We encourage you to contact CSS and speak to our Advisory Team regarding your retirement and pension needs. Arrange a time to meet over the phone, virtually or set up an in-person meeting.


Rhonda Rodh, Retirement and Pension Advisor

Rhonda RodhRetirement and Pension Advisor

Marilyn Shipley, Retirement and Pension Advisor

Marilyn ShipleyRetirement and Pension Advisor

Jessica Kreutzer, Retirement and Pension Advisor

Jessica KreutzerRetirement and Pension Advisor

Shontelle Flaman, Retirement and Pension Advisor

Shontelle FlamanRetirement and Pension Advisor

Rachelle Camsell, Employer Relationship Associate

Rachelle CamsellEmployer Relationship Associate


Richard SimiganRetirement and Pension Associate