Changing your investments

When you join the CSS Pension Plan, your contributions are automatically invested in the Balanced Fund unless you instruct us otherwise.

You can move as little or as much of your pension funds as you like to any of the four funds, at any time.

​The process is simple - complete an investment instructions form any time you wish to re-allocate your pension funds. 

To access the online investment instructions form:

  • Log in to myCSSPEN or register for access

  • Select Account Menu > Change Investment

  • Follow the steps to submit your investment instructions

Processing fees

To reflect the efficiencies gained through the use of online investment instructions, and to promote environmental sustainability, investment instructions completed using the online form are free.

For investment instructions completed using the paper-based form (PDF), the first two investment instructions completed within the calendar year are free and a $75 processing fee is required for any subsequent investment instructions made within the calendar year.