Investor stories

Investor stories

These stories profile typical members and some of the thinking that has gone into their own investment decisions.

Although these are not actual cases, they highlight investment considerations important to each stage of a typical member’s career and life and should give you “food for thought” as you think about your own situation.

The flowchart below provides recommended steps that will help you take advantage of the resources available from the Plan to make informed investment decisions tailored to your personal retirement goals.



While it is highly recommended for members who are nearing retirement to consult with a financial advisor or one of our in-house Retirement and Pension Advisors before making or changing investment decisions, all Plan members can take advantage of the helpful resources on our website to navigate the investment decision making and retirement planning processes.

Aggressive investors


Desmond, 32

​With over 20 years to invest towards retirement, Desmond is focused on maximizing the returns on his investment while age is still on his side... Read More


Janelle, 57

Although she plans to retire in eight years, Janelle is not solely dependent on her investment with the Plan for her daily expenses at retirement, as she has significant assets outside the Plan... Read More

Growth investors


Tia, 22

​Despite her limited knowledge, Tia is focused on growth while she improves her investment knowledge with the resources available through the Plan. Read More


Jason, 53

With plans to retire at 62 at the earliest, Jason thinks he may need to de-risk his investments soon, but he wants to get some growth while he still can. Read More

Balanced investors


Phil, 26

His limited knowledge made him an anxious investor who believed that timing the market was a smart strategy. However, after discussing his concerns with a qualified financial advisor, his knowledge and risk tolerance level improved. Read More


Sherry, 58

As a financial advisor with three years to retirement, Sherry knows it's time to begin adjusting her investment portfolio accordingly. She plans to convert her pension funds into Variable Benefits (VB) payments when she retires... Read More

Moderate investors


Kevin, 41

​While his investment knowledge is low, Kevin knows what he wants his life to look like in retirement. However, the myCSSPEN Compass Retirement Planner indicates that he won't be able to achieve his dream as a moderate investor. What can he do?... Read More


Cynthia, 64

​After contributing to the Plan for over 30 years, Cynthia is ready to retire to spend more time with her new granddaughter. Having been invested in the Balanced Fund all these years, she believes it's time to re-evaluate her investment decision and meet with her financial advisor... Read More

Reserved investors


Peter, 57

With three years to retirement and his cycling tour to Europe in view, Peter is focused on hanging on to what he currently has in retirement savings... Read More


Joyce, 82

With two decades into retirement, Joyce knows it's time to play it safe with her investments in the hopes of leaving some inheritance for her grandkids... Read More