Planning tools

These tools and calculators can help you understand the various options available to you as you travel the road to your retirement.

Note: The results obtained from using these tools should not be taken as advice. Depending on your particular stage of life/career, or how close you are to retirement, some options may be better than others. We encourage you to review your personal circumstances with a CSS Retirement and Pension Advisor or a qualified financial advisor at your financial institution to make decisions that are right for you.


Risk Tolerance Estimator

Determine your risk tolerance level to help you understand which investor profile may suit you based on your time horizon and investment knowledge.

Tools only accessible from your myCSSPEN account.


myCSSPEN Compass Retirement Planner

This planner helps you to understand if you are on track toward achieving your retirement savings goals. It also provides actions that you may wish to consider if you are estimated to not be on track to reach your retirement income goals. *Powered by Equisoft


Pension Projection

Estimate your monthly pension, if you choose a guaranteed lifetime income at retirement. This calculator assumes that you will continue to make the same contribution amount to your pension account until you retire.


Variable Benefit Illustrator

Estimate the amount of your Variable Benefit payments, if you opt for monthly or annual withdrawals from your investment at retirement. This illustrator assumes that your pension contributions will continue until retirement.