Annual statements

Annual statements

As a member of the CSS Pension Plan, you'll receive a personal annual statement each year. Your annual statement is accessible online through the My Documents area of your myCSSPEN profile. You can securely view, print or save your statement at your convenience.

Reviewing your statement is a great way to find out if you’re on the right path toward reaching your retirement goals, or if you should consider making changes.

Unpack your annual statement

More important information

The CSS Pension Plan is a defined contribution registered pension plan with members across Canada. You became vested in CSS when you and your employer made your first contributions.  

We offer a traditional monthly pension and Variable Benefit (VB) payments at retirement – or a combination of the two. The Plan’s normal retirement age is 60 and the early retirement age is 50, or earlier, if your age and service total 75*. 

*Once you have reached your Early Retirement Date, you are eligible to draw on your pension funds as a retirement income. 


Your personal rates of return (PRR) take into account: 

  • Your opening account balance 
  • The amount and timing of any contributions, transfers or withdrawals 
  • The unit price in effect when these transactions occurred 
  • The amount in each of the investment funds 

The resulting investment gains or losses determine your PRR, which is net of annual investment management fees and plan administration expenses. Your PPR may be different from the fund returns shown in the investment fund performance table as a result of the amount and timing of any contributions and other transactions. 

  • Locked-in pension funds are subject to pension legislation. They may not be accessed until you reach early retirement age and must be used to provide retirement income.  
  • Non-locked-in funds include your additional voluntary contributions. They do not have to provide retirement income.  

Neither locked-in nor non-locked-in funds can be withdrawn until you are no longer working for any employer member of CSS.

Each of CSS' four investment funds has different levels of risk and return. Returns are net of investment management fees and plan administration expenses (MER). Past performance does not guarantee future results.  

Under the Plan’s rules, you may designate a beneficiary to receive your pension funds in the event of your death. To make a beneficiary designation, complete the Plan’s designation form or make a designation in your Will.  

If you have a spouse at the time of your death, in most cases, he or she will inherit your funds under pension legislation regardless of your designation. If you have no surviving spouse and make no designation, your pension funds will be paid to your estate.  

For more information about beneficiary designations, see arranging survivor benefits. 


The CSS Pension Plan offers: 

  • Single Life Pensions: payments to you as long as you live. 
  • Joint and Last Survivor Pensions: payments to you as long as you live and a lifetime payment to your surviving spouse after you pass away.  
  • Variable Benefit (VB) Payments: payments of your CSS funds through regular withdrawals, either monthly or annually. 
For more information on our in-plan retirement income options, see retiring. 

Any person entitled to a benefit, or their agent, has the right to examine plan documents, data and public information about the CSS Pension Plan. Please contact us to request additional information or records.