2023 Annual Meeting Highlights


2023 Annual Meeting highlights

Posted by CSS Pension Plan on May, 12 2023
CSS Pension Plan

The Co-operative Superannuation Society (CSS) Annual Meeting was held on Thursday, March 30, 2023 at the Delta Bessborough Hotel in Saskatoon, SK.


Brent-Photo 2023-03-29, 7 24 04 PM

Delegates met in-person on the evening of March 29 and morning of March 30 to network, review the investment and operational performance of CSS and the CSS Pension Plan, and visualize the future of CSS.


Information Session

As in past years where the delegates met in-person, an information session was held the evening prior to the CSS Annual Meeting. Martin McInnis, Executive Director, discussed the delegate distribution resolution and the director election process. Brent Godson, Director, Investments and Financial Management, delivered an education session on "How We Monitor Investment Management Performance."

Annual Meeting 

Jason Sentes, President of the CSS Board of Directors called the meeting to order. Several reports were provided during the meeting. 

Annual Meeting reports

  • Jason Sentes presented the Director's Report to the delegates with a recap of several 2022 highlights. 
  • Brent Godson delivered the Investment Report and provided answers to several questions. 
  • Martin McInnis presented the 2022 Management Report and Financial Statements, along with a recap of the 2022-2026 Strategic Plan. 


Delegate distribution amended

The delegates approved a bylaw amendment to the delegate distribution. The transition will take several years to occur. The new distribution will be as follows:

  • AB/BC/North will have four delegates

  • SK will have six delegates

  • MB/East will have three delegates

  • Retirees will have four delegates


Director elections

Three director elections were held at the Annual Meeting: Two employee director elections and one employer director election.


Employee director elections

  • Greg Sarvis of Federated Co-operatives Limited was elected to the Board for a three-year term.
  • Lesley Carlson of Prairie Center Credit Union was elected to the Board for a two-year term.

Employer director elections

  • Ron Healey of Federated Co-operatives Limited was elected to the Board by acclamation as an employer director for a three-year term.

2023-2024 CSS Board of Directors

  • Jason Sentes, President (1st Choice Savings)
  • Kelly Thompson, Vice-President (Federated Co-operatives Limited)
  • Lesley Carlson (Prairie Centre Credit Union)
  • Ron Healey (Federated Co-operatives Limited) 
  • Corvyn Neufeld (Cornerstone Credit Union)
  • Greg Sarvis (Riverbend Co-operative Limited)

At the Board re-organization meeting held immediately after the Annual Meeting, CSS directors re-elected Jason Sentes as President of the CSS Board of Directors and re-elected Kelly Thompson as Vice-President. Congratulations to Jason and Kelly as they continue to offer their time, leadership and skills in service of CSS membership.


On behalf of the CSS membership, we thank Heather Ryan, Jeff Ambrose and Mike Gartner for their service and contributions to the Co-operative Superannuation Society during their years on the Board.




Delegate body

Employee delegates


Ken Edey

Mike Gartner

Alberta/BC/Northern Canada: 

Mike Isaak, Westview Co-operative Limited

Jack Nicholson, Otter Co-operative Limited

Carol Rolheiser, Wild Rose Co-operative Limited

Jason Sentes, 1st Choice Savings

Manitoba/Eastern Canada:

Greg Gill, Valleyview Consumers Co-operative Limited

Darren Heide, Access Credit Union

Colin Peters, Swan Valley Consumers Co-operative Limited

Kevin Van Den Bussche, Beausejour Consumers Cooperative


Karen Bradley, Affinity Credit Union

Lesley Carlson, Prairie Centre Credit Union

Guy Martin, Accent Credit Union

Mike Nord, Discovery Co-operative Limited

Greg Sarvis, Riverbend Co-operative Limited

Jason Schenn, Borderland Co-operative Limited

Heather Sully, Affinity Credit Union

Employer delegates

Federated Co-operatives Limited:

Sharon Alford

Justin Booth

Vanessa Chesters

Bo Do

Todd Gursky

Ron Healey

Cassie Horsman

Angela Pomazon

Don Ryan

Kelly Thompson

Randy Wasserman

Credit Union Central Saskatchewan:

Kimberly Enge

Corvyn Neufeld

Kimberley Olfert

Credit Union Central Alberta: 

Paola Barreneche


Credit Union Central Manitoba:

Jessica Cruickshank


Other employers:

Sherrie Rauth, Celero




Delegate service awards

Due to COVID-19, several years of service awards were not distributed. At this CSS Annual Meeting, the following delegate service awards were made.


5-year awards

  • Duane DeRosier (2022; employer delegate)
  • Guy Martin (2022; employee delegate)
  • Angela Pomazon (2022; employer delegate)
  • Greg Sarvis (2022; employee delegate)
  • Cassie Horsman (2023; employer delegate)
  • Ken Kosolofski (2023; employee delegate)
  • Don Ryan (2023; employer delegate)

10-year awards

  • Ken Edey (2021; employee delegate)
  • Jason Sentes (2022; employee delegate)
  • Dave Dyck (2023; employer delegate)

20-year award

  • Mike Gartner (2023; twenty years of accumulated service)

In the past, staff service awards were made at the CSS Annual Meeting. However, in 2023 and going forward, these awards are now presented at a staff event each year.  


We’d like to thank all CSS directors and delegates, staff and management, and our consultants and advisors for your continuous commitment to serving our members and delivering on our strategic objectives.


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