Annual statements and T4As now available online


2023 Annual statements and T4As now available online

Posted by CSS Pension Plan on April, 8 2024
CSS Pension Plan

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Account statements are now available online through the My Documents area of myCSSPEN. Please keep in mind that you will receive a specific type of account statement depending on your membership status with the CSS Pension Plan.

Annual statements


Active contributing members, inactive members* and Variable Benefit (VB) recipients who have funds invested in CSS’ investment funds will receive an annual statement.


Your annual statement will show you the value of your account at year-end, along with your investment earnings and more. Learn more about understanding your annual statement.


If you receive a monthly pension payment from the CSS Pension Plan, you will not receive an annual statement.


*Inactive member – a member of the CSS Pension Plan who holds funds in a CSS Pension Plan account but no longer works for a participating employer or makes pension contributions.


T4A or NR4


Monthly pensioners and VB recipients who receive retirement income from the CSS Pension Plan will receive a T4A or NR4 slip. This slip provides the pension information you will need to report on your income tax return.



Follow the steps below to access your documents online and ensure your account information is up to date.


Prefer a paper statement? Annual statements and T4A/NR4 slips will be delivered in paper format by default unless you have previously opted-in for digital statement delivery through the myCSSPEN for members portal. Visit account statement delivery timelines for more information.



Step 1 – Log in or register for myCSSPEN.

  1. Visit

  2. Select the “Register” button (skip to number 5 if you are already registered for myCSSPEN)

  3. Enter your Member ID (available in the top right corner of your annual statement), birthdate and last 3 digits of your SIN to begin the registration process

  4. Follow the steps to complete your registration

  5. Log in to myCSSPEN


Step 2 – Access your documents and set your delivery preference. 

Your account documents will be available in the My Documents area of your myCSSPEN profile. You can securely view, print or save your documents at your convenience. 


If you have not previously set your document delivery preference, you can do so by selecting Account Menu > Communication Preferences. You can update your document delivery preference at any time. 


If you do not select a delivery preference, your account documents will be delivered in paper format by default. 



Step 3 – Review your contact information and ensure it is up to date. 

Please ensure we have your correct email address and mailing address so you can receive account notifications and statements without any delays.


If you need to update your contact information, select the “Update Contact Information” link in the My Profile area to make changes.


Tech Tip

If you've attempted to download a PDF from myCSSPEN and it appears blank, please take a moment to check your downloads folder. Sometimes, due to browser settings or other technical reasons, the PDF may not display directly in your browser but is still successfully downloaded. 
For iPad or iPhone users experiencing blank PDFs, please check your device’s settings to ensure Adobe Reader is set as your default PDF viewer. 
Additional tip – if the form appears blank, then please “Print to PDF” from your desktop computer or laptop.

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