Launching the It’s Your Plan education webinar sessions in 2024


Launching the It’s Your Plan education webinar sessions in 2024

Posted by CSS Pension Plan on November, 1 2023
CSS Pension Plan

You have options when it comes to learning more about your CSS Pension Plan and how it fits into your overall financial wellness and security. One of those options is attending any of the sessions in the It’s Your Plan series. Sessions are facilitated by our Retirement and Pension Advisors (Advisors) who are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals or hold a Personal Financial Planning® designation.


For 2024, the It’s Your Plan sessions will include:


1. Retirement Income Options (RIO)

Nearing retirement and have questions about how you can create a retirement income using your CSS Pension Plan account? Your questions could be answered by attending this session.


Geared towards late-career members (but anyone is welcome), this session will help you understand the retirement income options that are available with your CSS Pension Plan. You will learn more about your CSS investment options and learn how your investing needs can change over time. The Advisors will help you understand which options may fit best into your plan, and how your plan will change over time.


Format: live webinar, in-person, recorded


2. Federal and Personal Retirement Incomes

Our late-career members who are thinking about retirement will find these sessions very valuable. In fact, all members just might. You will learn about the federal and personal sources of income that become part of your overall retirement income portfolio. Developed by the CSS Advisors, these sessions take a deeper dive into Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, RRSPs and TFSAs (for example).


Format: recorded


3. Retiree Wellness

Your pension journey continues throughout your career and well into your retirement. This session is designed for our retirees who want to learn more about how their CSS Pension Plan retirement income and their overall financial security in retirement are so closely integrated. Topics include reviewing VB Payments, monthly pensions, and investing with CSS during retirement; and touches on how these are essential parts of your financial and emotional wellness during retirement.


Format: live webinar, recorded


4. Welcome to Your Plan (NEW)

This session provides an introduction and refresher to all new and ongoing members. You will learn how sticking to the plan can improve your current and future financial wellness, with the goal of ultimately leading to financial security in retirement. Topics will include how financial decisions impact your overall financial success, the CSS investment options, and the tools and resources available to you.


Format: live webinar, recorded


5. CSS Pension Plan Information Sessions

These sessions are scheduled by YOUR employer. In 2023, we facilitated over 20 of these sessions with employers from across the country. Designed for all members, you will learn about your CSS Pension Plan, your investment options, how various life events impact your pension, and where you can find additional tools and resources.


If this interests you, please have your employer reach out to CSS.


Format: live webinar scheduled by the employer  

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Self-directed learning

The recorded sessions are available online to anyone at any time. There are several recorded sessions available. Examples include:

  • Federal Sources – provides you with information about your federal retirement income sources, including Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Old Age Security (OAS)
  • Personal Sources – provides you with basic information about your personal retirement incomes sources, including registered retirement income funds (RRIFs) and tax-free savings accounts (TFSAs)


To register for a live virtual or in-person RIO session, please visit our workshops and webinars page.


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** All Saskatchewan Time

** All live webinar


Can’t make it to a live virtual or in-person session? Please don’t fret! You can attend the recorded sessions at any time. The recorded sessions are available here.


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Tentative 2024 employer-booked “CSS Pension Plan Information Session” schedule

Please connect with your employer if you would like to encourage them to book a session for you and your colleagues. Your employer would contact CSS to book these sessions. CSS hosts the session on our webinar platform, and we take care of the registration process. If your employer needs something outside of this schedule, they are welcome to contact CSS to discuss options.


2024 infosession -web** All Saskatchewan Time

** First come, first serve


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