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Janelle is 57 and she plans to retire in eight years. She has always been an aggressive investor with a significant portion of her Plan investments in the Equity Fund.

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Determining your risk tolerance


Choosing the right funds

Speaking with a financial advisor


Although retirement is just over the horizon, Janelle is not dependent on her investments within the Plan for her daily expenses at retirement, as she has been fortunate enough to build significant financial assets outside the Plan.

"It’s time to consider restructuring my investment mix with the Plan. From myCSSPEN, I can see that I have reached my retirement savings goal with the Plan, but I would like to maximize the inheritance I leave to my children," Janelle says.

Janelle's risk profile

Ability to Take Risks




Time Horizon

Investment Knowledge

Other Assets/Income Sources

Willingness to Take Risks




Willingness to Accept Short Term Losses

Panics Over Negative Returns

I still have some time to invest before retirement, so I would love to continue to invest in equities to maximize my returns while I still can,” Janelle concluded after attending a Retirement Income Options (RIO) workshop.

Janelle’s goal is to stay invested in the Plan even after retirement. However, knowing that she plans to retire in eight years, she believes it is prudent to re-evaluate her current investment mix.

Janelle’s use of the online Risk Tolerance Estimator confirmed that the aggressive investor profile best describes her, and that she should consider an asset mix of 50% Balanced Fund and 50% Equity Fund.

She scheduled an appointment with her financial advisor to assess her present circumstance and to discuss the change in investments she was contemplating.


Suggested Asset Mix

The Risk Tolerance Estimator suggests a combination of CSS funds (50% Balanced Fund and 50% Equity Fund) that should suit Janelle based on her investor profile.

Did you know that CSS offers

Complimentary retirement planning consultation to our members?

Her financial advisor pointed out that Janelle already has about five years' worth of retirement income in guaranteed investments outside the Plan, so there will be no immediate need for Janelle to move her Plan investments into cash to support her retirement income needs. Her discussion with her advisor concluded in agreement that Janelle hold her CSS investments in an even mix of Balanced Fund and Equity Fund.

“I’m glad I spoke with my financial advisor before changing my investment mix. He confirmed that my investment plans are appropriate for my circumstance. Going forward, I will monitor the performance of my Plan investments and then check in with my advisor closer to my retirement date to determine whether I should consider any further changes at that time,” Janelle says.

Investment Funds

The CSS Pension Plan offers four investment funds - the Balanced Fund, Equity Fund, Bond Fund and Money Market Fund.