Technical resources

Annual Report

Information about the CSS Pension Plan's investment performance and people who oversee/manage your Plan.

The Plan

A general overview of the CSS Pension Plan in simple language.

Bylaws, Rules, and Regulations

CSS Pension Plan's official plan text.
It ​outlines the complete legal and governance provisions of the Plan.

Pension legislation

​In most cases, a member's accumulated pension funds are subject to provincial pension legislation.

The legislation that applies to you is that of the province in which you are currently working. 

If you're no longer working for one of the CSS Pension Plan's employer members, then the applicable legislation would be that of the province where you last worked while contributing to the Plan, regardless of where you may be living now.

Legislation varies from one jurisdiction to another. It affects many provisions of the CSS Pension Plan, such as: 

  • Membership
  • Locking-in Your options when you terminate employment
  • Your options for drawing retirement income 
    Survivor benefits

The Acts that regulate pension plans across Canada are: