Life events

Changing your marital status

If you change your marital status, it's important to be aware of any spousal rights that may be attached to your pension funds.​

Getting married or living common-law

Once you're married or living common-law, your spouse has certain entitlements to your pension funds.

Should you die before you retire, your spouse has first claim to your pension funds and investment earnings – even if you designate someone else as your beneficiary.

Learn more about arranging survivor benefits.

Relationship breakdown

If you're ending a relationship, your spouse may have some rights to your pension funds.

Pension laws in each province and territory oversee the division of pension funds upon relationship breakdown.


In general terms, the increase in the value of your CSS account during the marriage or relationship is divisible. We can provide calculations for division purposes upon request.​


If you receive a monthly pension or Variable Benefit payments from the CSS Pension Plan, you must contact us for information on how the relationship breakdown could affect your retirement income.​

Changing your status or name

It is important to let us know if you are changing your marital status and/or name so we can keep your account details current.

Complete the Member Information Change form and supply the required documentation listed on the form to make changes.​