What online tools and resources are available?

May 30, 2024


Our website is jam-packed with helpful planning tools and resources that can help guide you on your climb toward retirement – and during your retirement, too.


Whether you just joined CSS or have been a member for many years, our website can help you better understand the flexible options that are available to you so you can create a retirement plan that fits your life.


Videos and publications

Watch our new video series that features stories from members of CSS and what financial wellness means to them as they navigate different stages of their lives and careers. Their stories might give you insight as you think about your own situation.

Access our brand new TimeWise blog for helpful retirement planning articles and read publications like the Quarterly Investment Report for investment insights specific to CSS.


Planning tools

Try our tools and calculators to help you understand how much investment risk you’re comfortable with and project your retirement income. Our Compass planner on myCSSPEN can also help you determine if you’re saving enough for retirement.


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Investment fund information and YTD returns

Still working and growing your funds, or maybe you’re receiving Variable Benefit payments? Keep track of the Plan’s historical investment performance and year-to-date returns on our rates of return page to help you stay on course.


Thinking of retiring soon and purchasing a CSS monthly pension? View monthly annuity rates on our Pensions Fund page. Check back on or around the 20th of each month for annuity rates to be posted for pensions starting the following month (e.g. June 20 if the payment is to start in July).


Investor stories

Learn more about the five different investor profiles – Aggressive, Growth, Balanced, Moderate and Conservative – through stories that profile typical members and some of the thinking that has gone into their own investment decisions.


Want to know your investor profile? Complete the Risk Tolerance Estimator to find out!


Life events

As a pension plan, we understand that you will most likely need to connect with us when you are going through a life event. That’s because your pension can have a significant impact on your life and those you love!


Learn more about the effects of life events on your pension funds like getting married or living common-law, taking a leave of absence, leaving your employment and, of course, retiring. Our new living in retirement page also provides helpful payment and tax information for retirees who have chosen a CSS retirement income option.



Your plan

Access your own CSS account information at any time and from any device. Log in to myCSSPEN for Members to:

  • Check the value of your account

  • Change your investments

  • Update your contact information

  • Access planning tools and calculators

  • Keep track of any transactions made

  • Confirm your beneficiary is up to date


Article from the Spring/Summer 2024 issue of TimeWise

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